LCD in 4 bit mode with PIC16F877

Hello friends this post is one of the proteus tutorial series, here we are going to interface LCD in 4 bit mode with pic microcontroller. If you are confused between 8 bit mode and 4 bit mode of LCD have a look at pros and cons below. Advantages of LCD in 4 bit mode: Using […]

Making Iron man like interface on your computer

Hello friends here is another post in our Super Hero section. I hope you have seen Iron man movie ,  and you are fascinated about how cool the “Javris” computer is. If I tell you , it is really easy to make such interface for your own isn’t it great. Here is a project done […]

Displaying 3D image and controlling it with hand gesture

Hello Friends this is really a superb and jaw dropping video which I saw out side of a Sci-fi movie. This is a 3D display made on a prismatic surface. The display is controlled with the help of human gestures and responds to movement very well. He uses Pepper’s ghost technique to display the object. In […]

Operating Graphics LCD Serially with two wire

Hello friends you may have earlier heard about serial LCD concepts in which an extra controller is used near LCD to receive the data serially and display it. That style of interfacing LCD has many features as compared to normal operating mode of LCD. A normal LCD if operated in parallel mode it needs at […]

A Helmet Television

Have you ever thought of watching every detail in front of your eyes every time? and you can find every detail whenever you want? No i am not talking about Google Glasses, I am talking about a helmet mounted television of 1967. We think that this is the first step of virtual reality which is being developed recently. The TV Helmet […]

Dotmatrix LED Display fonts creator

Hello friends , we need the help in creating dot matrix display characters in daily life if we are a geek! This tool is specially designed for some dotmatrix LED display geeks. You just have to download this excel workbook,  you will get the screen like above image.(Enable macros in tools menu). Write 1 for LEDs […]

Touch screen Chess Game using ATMega 644

>> These two genius students Samiul Nur and Caspar Valk from cornell university have made Touch screen Chess Game using ATMega 644 as their final year electronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “One of our goals for this project is to build a reliable touchscreen device. Our initial plan was to use an […]