Dual-core microcontrollers from Texas instruments

Hello friends, this is going to be a jaw dropping article for you if you are not aware about dual core microcontrollers which Texas Instruments just launched. So read carefully. Texas instruments has recently launched Delfino TMS320F2837xD device, which can be a game changer in the world of microcontrollers. This 32-bit floating point microcontroller has two […]

TMS320TCI6636: A chip specially designed to meet 3G and 4G communication needs

Hello friends, In this article we are going to introduce you to a new member in TI DSP series “TMS320TCI6636” this is a giant processor in terms of processing capabilities.This processor is specially designed to meet needs of 3G and 4G communications. Rather than saying it a processor we should call it a System on […]

Solving Complex resistor circuits

Hello friends we have found a really helpful post about Solving complex resistor circuits from Electronics Point. Main problem in complex circuits(as shown above) are that we are not able to visualize or simplify such types of circuits, if we are able to simplify this half of the work is done. Main thing described here […]

Some Real life Power Suit like Ironman

Hello friends i think that no one is unfamiliar with Ironman movie and the fantastic suites that Tony Stark uses. But here are several real life suites that are ready for now. Off course you can’t use them to just fly in the air around and making fun with arms and ammunition, but these are suites designed to make your […]

NASA making Ironman’s Suit for Physically Challenged Person

Hello Friends Ironman suite is coming to real world, but not for the war purpose. This time NASA takes the challenge of making Exoskeleton suite to help physically challenged person. This Exoskeleton suite is called  X1. Use of X1 is very versatile from helping the astronauts in space to helping the paralyzed person on the earth gain his walking and confidence […]

Get aware of different types of ports used in communication

>> Hello readers, many of us are facing problem to identifying different types of ports used din communication. So I decided to introduce you with all ports used in communication. Here you can see and identify different ports by its image. The list of some commonly used ports are USB-A type, USB-B type, ethernet port, […]

Error Correcting Pen

Here is the most latest version of a Pen that gives you a vibration indication whenever you are doing something wrong.The vibrating pen has two modes of correction. Calligraphy Mode detects errors in handwriting form and legibility, while Orthography Mode criticizes spelling and grammar by detecting words, symbols and gestures.It gets worse. The inventors envisage their pen […]