FM Transmitter Made with only FPGA and one Wire

Here is a cool FPGA Project which is made by this Genius Devil (Hamster) within one hour truly a Genius Devil. Main attraction of this work is that he has not used any other component than an FPGA to make FM transmitter. He uses a digital clock manager block inside FPGA to generate frequency of 320MHz […]

Old Laptop LCD driven by FPGA

This is one of the coolest in FPGA Projects by Genius Devil (Alex). Laptop was left unused for a long time so he took the LCD apart which is a 15″ panel with 1280×800 pixel native resolution  to drive it with the Papilio Plus FPGA board and fortunately he found a datasheet online with everything needed to […]

Flying Video Camera Stabilzer Project Using Spartan 3E FPGA

Here is a awesome research work done by this Genius Devil (Siou), He is currently working to make a Stabilization system which can be mounted on a flying object such that the device can have a stable image of this object (commercial application) or Shoot the object (Military application) for this he is in deep […]

Making your own GPS Receiver using FPGA GPS receivers may be available for well under $100 these days, but what’s the fun in buying one when you can build it yourself? According to [Andrew], the creator of this device, he was inspired by Matjaž Vidmar who developed a GPS receiver from scratch over 20 years ago. His article can be found here and includes […]

Graphics LCD display With FPGA

This Genius Devil (Alex) received a junked old Hitachi screen from his buddy and decided to see if he could get it up and running. The screen is one of those older monochrome, low-resolution (256 x 128) green LCDs and is missing a controller chip. On the back of the display there are eight Hitachi […]

Barcod Reader Using Papilio FPGA

Papilio one is an open source FPGA Project which is growing very fast these days. Here is another Add-on PCB (Wing) to interface barcode reader with FPGA.Here is a cool demo of this Barcode Genie Wing they have used a AVR8 soft processor  which is made inside the FPGA and programmed this AVR8 with a specially modified version of the […]

NTSC and PAL video generation using FPGA

Here is a cool video generation project made by (BenL) It is a cool project to generate NTSC and PAL Video signals using FPGA and only seven resistors. He uses simple R-2R ladder 7 bit DAC for the video generation (above figure) and made a pretty small circuit for interfacing.(below figure). you can see a video of their […]