Some Real life Power Suit like Ironman

Hello friends i think that no one is unfamiliar with Ironman movie and the fantastic suites that Tony Stark uses. But here are several real life suites that are ready for now. Off course you can’t use them to just fly in the air around and making fun with arms and ammunition, but these are suites designed to make your […]

PCB visiting card

Hi friends have you ever wanted to designing your own visiting card? If yes here is a very good (a bit costly) idea for making your own visiting card.This Genius Devil (ch00f) came up with a unique idea.  This visiting card proves that you are an electronics engineer by design itself. It is a PCB […]

Bike Gear Position Indicator

Hello Friends here is a really cool project about Bike Gear Positioning with Picaxe microcontroller. It is sometimes very hard for the newbies to remember bike gear position while learning , so this could be a boon for them. A seven segment display is mounted near speedometer to indicate the gear position. This project is […]

Accelerometer based digital pen with PIC microcontroller

Hello Friends this post is about Accelerometer based pen,  this is really a cool project for students who made this for a PIC32 Design Challenge. This pen is really promising and it is good to see how this pen recognizes human gestures, writing and other stuff. It is equipped with a microphone and memory card to […]

GPS Tracking Device Project for Limited Area

>> These two genius guys Brian Toth and Edgar Roque from cornell university have made GPS Tracking Device Project for Limited Area as their final year el;ectronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “For our final project we designed an GPS tracking device that has a capability of downloading maps from a remote server, […]

Self Balancing Unicycle that costs 400$ made with arduino

Here is a really cool self balancing unicycle made by (Glenn) He started with suzuki 36 volt pocket scooter, He started with arduino and using accelerometer to determine the balance of unicycle.(The same way we have seen in our balancing bot).The main thing involved with the project was PID control done by arduino.  Here’s the link […]

Error Correcting Pen

Here is the most latest version of a Pen that gives you a vibration indication whenever you are doing something wrong.The vibrating pen has two modes of correction. Calligraphy Mode detects errors in handwriting form and legibility, while Orthography Mode criticizes spelling and grammar by detecting words, symbols and gestures.It gets worse. The inventors envisage their pen […]