A home made phone with Arduino

Hello dear all, there has been a gsm modem since many years and there has been a microcontroller present since many years, you may be owning both of them. But, have you ever wondered to make your own cell phone with both the things? If NO, you should be thinking to make some one as […]

Lost Luggage Tracker with Android Smart Phone

Before  some days I lost my bag in a  public transport service. That i was so much annoyed with that and i was finding a solution to track my lost luggage with GPS tags that can find my lost luggage, Firstly i came across many vendors who were giving this system at a very high […]

Cell Tracking without GPS only GSM signals

Here is a cool project from Genius Devil( Boris Landoni) with that you can track any GSM Phone without the GPS.Basic idea behind this project is that there is a cell  which has unique id and unique location so why to use GPS to receive Location data You can simply receive location data of some near […]

GSM and GPS based Friend Location finder

>> These three guys from IIT Kanpur Varsha Lalwani, Mitali Agarwal, Silky Gupta made GSM and GPS based Friend Location finder project as their final year electronics project. >> Project summary in their words “Our world is becoming automated. Autonomous navigation is a necessity for any device that needs to operate without human interaction. GPS (Global Positioning […]

GSM Alarm

This is a really wicked project from evil genius (Panagiotis Kalogeris). He has made a GSM caller alarm with the help of an old phone. Main part of his work includes simulating button press for mobile phone. so he used a microcontroller PIC 12f675 and CD4066 IC to simulate work of fingers.Actually right now his […]