Bike Gear Position Indicator

Hello Friends here is a really cool project about Bike Gear Positioning with Picaxe microcontroller. It is sometimes very hard for the newbies to remember bike gear position while learning , so this could be a boon for them. A seven segment display is mounted near speedometer to indicate the gear position. This project is […]

3D Scanner For your PC

Hello friends this is a really cool thing for person related to mechanical designing and reverse engineering.This 3D scanner is called Digitizer by Makerbot. It takes real objects and convert them into CAD design files. Main advantage of Makerbot Digitizer is that you can scan objects and Print them directly with the help of Makerbot 3D […]

Making your own Thermal Imaging form Smart phone

Buying a thermal imaging from market may cost you about 1500$ so this genius devil (Andy Rawson) has come with a unique solution for that problem. He has made his own thermal imaging camera at about 195$. He calls it the IR-Blue. The IR-Blue lets you see the temperature of things around you. It uses a […]

Repairing Old Nova Trimmer and making it mobile operated

Hello Friends this post is to describe about repairing your hair trimmer. Actually this genius devil (Sagar Dhandhukiya) bought a Nova Hair trimmer recently but very sadly the trimmer battery was not working properly (after one use the battery got discharged and did not start again). So he opened up his trimmer to do a repair work. But unfortunately […]

Home made USB Tea Heater

Making your own USB tea heater could be an easy task for you if you just follow ohm’s law properly.A USB socket from PC can drive 500mA current at 5V output so if you want to heat the cup you need to get a proper resistor added in between power and ground of USB. Do calculate the power […]

A Helmet Television

Have you ever thought of watching every detail in front of your eyes every time? and you can find every detail whenever you want? No i am not talking about Google Glasses, I am talking about a helmet mounted television of 1967. We think that this is the first step of virtual reality which is being developed recently. The TV Helmet […]

WOW! A Helmet mounted GUN!!

Hello fellas, here is a classic Helmet Gun made by  Albert Bacon Pratt of Lyndon in 1916, this is a beyond the time thing. You can find his patent here. Here are some words from his patent papers. The weapon described has many advantages. The gun is automatically aimed unconsciously and incidentally to the turning of […]