Making your own SMPS

Making a Switch mode power supply can be a very challenging task if you have to start from a scratch. But in  this modern world you need not to reinvent the wheel, Thanks to PowerEsim. You can make your Switch mode power supply by the help of ready to refer designs from PowerEsim online simulator. […]

Easiest way to draw three phase sine waves!

Hello friends, Have you ever tried to draw three phase sine wave and stuck in between? Here is the simple way to draw three phase sine wave easily, this can be useful for students in exams and professionals in presentations. I am too bad at drawing so i found out this way, i hope that […]

H Bridge Driver IC

This H bridge driver ic will solve most of your problems in dealing with a full H-bridge control of motor. Generally what we do when we want to control a motor in bidirectional? An H-bridge is one of the simplest method available as shown in below figure.   You have to give four pulses by microcontroller device […]

Why your SCR (Thyristor) is not latching?

One of our readers has asked us about thyristor (scr) not being latched properly. Here is the circuit configuration of thyristor under experiment. This test circuit is simulated in Proteus 8. Thyristor (SCR) is given a continuous gate pulse, so when a positive cycle comes the thyristor (SCR) should be triggered and the output voltage should be same […]

AC voltage RMS measurement with AVR microcontroller

Hello friends this is a really superb article about AC voltage RMS measurement with Atmega 8535 microcontroller, made by Genius Devil(fredy). He has written several articles about AC power measurement and signal conditioning in his blog. He has performed many experiments with his microcontroller. He has used Atmega 8535 microcontroller for all his projects. AC […]

Isolated Grid ZCD Sensing applicable to any Microcontroller

Hello friends there are many ways of sensing grid ZCD here is one which can be used with mostly all microcontrollers. This is optically isolated method for ZCD Sensing. (Here is a non isolated method of ZCD sensing) You can reduce power draw from the isolated circuit by decreasing the optocoupler’s LED current with a corresponding […]

PI Expert software for designing a Better Power Supply

Hello friends today we are up with a very cool software to design Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). This software is designed by (Power Intigration). This tool gives you a full featured Graphical User Interface. PI Expert: an automated, graphical user interface (GUI) driven program that takes power supply specifications and automatically generates a power […]