This Genius Devil (warlockr) has been working with a wireless robot that can capture images and transfer it but he needed to drive an emergency bulb and camera mounted on the robot. He did not have any option to create a 12VDC to 120VAC , 60Hz inverter. He has not given much of description of […]

Dorbell Security System with Image Capturing

>> Some genius peoples made Dorbell Security System with Image Capturing to obtain more security then normal doorbell. >> When somebody pushes doorbell then use will get push notification n his mobile and he will also get mail with attached image. GPRS service is required in mobile to view the mail. All the data transfer will […]

NTSC and PAL video generation using FPGA

Here is a cool video generation project made by (BenL) It is a cool project to generate NTSC and PAL Video signals using FPGA and only seven resistors. He uses simple R-2R ladder 7 bit DAC for the video generation (above figure) and made a pretty small circuit for interfacing.(below figure). you can see a video of their […]

Create Panoramic View using camera and opencv

>> These four genius people Swapnil Shwetank Jha, Shivendu Bhushan, Chetan Garg, Umang Shukla from IIT Kanpur made Create Panoramic View using camera and opencv project. >> Small project description in their own words.  What is panoramic image and how to create it? >> “A panorama is a wide-angle view or representation of a physical space. The […]