Automatic Railway Crossing and Signal Control

Here is a very cool student project about controlling Railway crossing and Signal control with the help of a Picaxe microcontroller. This project is done by Genius Devil ( Stuart moore ). He has made a simple design with the help of IR signal transceiver to detect the position of train on crossing the brain […]

Line Following Ironbot using Picaxe microcontroller

>> Hello readers, today I found an amazing robot using dead Iron. A genius guy named isotop made this Ironbot line following robot.       >> He just used a dead iron as base, a Picaxe microcontroller, geared motors, QRD114 as reflectance sensor. This line following robot is perfectly suitable for smooth indoor surface. To get more […]

Infrared Remote Controlled Robot

Here is a cool article written by Genius Devil (Stephanie) to control Robot with Infrared remote control. He has used Arduino Uno , robotics shield for arduino and sony universal remote control. This is the video in action about his design in action [youtube=] Here is the link to his website Suggested reading Bluetooth Controlled Robots […]

Wall Follower Robot

In many of the robotics competition you need something like wall follower or wall detector or NO wall detector.This is one of the project made by Genius Devil (Philippe) he wanted a wall follower with the help of GP2D12 distance sensor which is also made by him. When you are set with a distance sensor […]

Infra red Communication protocol for indoor flying toy

Here is another post about decoding ir signals from remote control the genius devil(spencer)reverse engineered and derived all the codes for the Propel ExicueHeli with the help of oscilloscope.he explained various methods about coding like Manchester coding, Pulse distance coding, Pulse length coding.

IR remote decoding

This is a very good article about decoding IR signals from Remote control. This genius devil (Giorgos Lazaridis) has written  a great tutorial on receiving, viewing, understanding and decoding any IR remote signals. He has talked about Fidgi Air conditioner remote but the protocol decoding idea is just same for all the IR remote codes.