Home Made Ironman’s Arc Reactor

How cool would you feel when you are making your own Arc reactor from the movie Ironman.  Here is a simply Devilish project by (Honus). The reactor is attached to an old heart rate monitor strap and it’s powered by a 3 volt battery pack that just slips in my jeans pocket. It’s light weight and […]

Persistent of Vision POV Display

>> This two genius students of cornell university Jun Ma and David Bjanes have made Persistent of Vision POV Display or rotating led display or spinning led display as their final year electronics project. >> A small project summary in their own words “The purpose of this project is to design and to create a persistence of vision […]

Levitating LED lights

Hers is a Levitating LED lights made by Genius Devil (Chris). Functionally this is same as earlier levitating light bulb project. (Chris) was fascinated about Magnetic levitation and Wireless power transfer and was thinking why both can’t be combined in a cool way. Now he is up to control several LEDs levitating at different heights, with […]

LED Blinking With Android

Hello guys this a cool App Inventor plus Android combination to blink LED with the help of your Android Smart phone. Generally our smart phones are very powerful in processing power but we ignore them in our project works but here is an example of what can happen if we connect our Android device with […]

Resistor Calculation for LED

>> Many of us are facing problem to find out correct value of series resistor for LED. So, I decided to put an online calculator for LED resistor calculator. >> Here you have to enter values of supply voltage, voltage drop from LED and current through LED. Then press on calculate button. You will get values of […]

Glowing Super Mario Night Kite using Balloons

>> When innovative people wants to tell their innovation to the world they make some huge creation. >> Such innovative people made supermario night kite. They made glowing balloons with throwies inside. Then they arranged in super mario shape and release into air. The size of this creation is 250 squarefeet. >> Enjoy video of Glowing Super Mario […]

Free LED samples

LED is one of the most important part of any project.Your project just lightens up with some proper arrangements of LED.You can make many Projects of LED .Getting Free samples of LED can be even more fun!!!!!>> Get Free LEDs For your project from Bivar.>>They are the manufacturers of LED Mounts, LEDs, Light Pipes and LED Assemblies.>>To get free […]