A very Cheap Home made Projector using Mobile Phone

>> Some innovative people thinks very simple and make things using very simple things. Here I am with such a very simple technic to make home made cheap projector. >> You can make this projector using things already available in home. Like  Shoebox Paperclip Smartphone Magnifying glass (get it for $1 at Dollar Tree), or a […]

Wall Follower Robot

In many of the robotics competition you need something like wall follower or wall detector or NO wall detector.This is one of the project made by Genius Devil (Philippe) he wanted a wall follower with the help of GP2D12 distance sensor which is also made by him. When you are set with a distance sensor […]

Blackjack game dealer using OCR

>> These two genius people Kale Smith & Daniel Wyleczuk-Stern made Blackjack game dealer using OCR in their final year project. >> A brief project details in their words “We initially wanted to create a version of blackjack where instead of the cards being virtual, a camera would take a picture of a player card. Then, it […]

Optical Microphone and Spectrum Analyzer

>> These two genius peoples Jonathan Kaufman & Brian Stern have made Optical Microphone and Spectrum Analyzer as their final year electronics project. >> The brief description in their own words “We implemented an optical microphone which converts distant vibrations, including sound, to an audio signal. Measuring the reflection of a laser beam from windows or glass, […]

Optical Morse code transceiver

>> These two genius fellows Trudy Chu & and Josh Sun made Optical Morse code transceiver as their final year project. >> A brief project introduction in their own words “Our goal in this project was to build a pair of high-speed transceivers that could encode and decode optical signals modulated using Morse code conventions.  >>The project […]