Oscilloscope With dsPIC microcontroller

This time once again genius devil is back with a PIC oscilloscope project this is related to  Picaxe oscilloscope project seen earlierHere is PC based  Oscilloscope with 1M samples/second Build with dsPIC microcontroller. Which can be connected to pc via USB at 500Kbps data rate. This oscilloscope is very well explained and documented at the […]

Oscilloscope with Picaxe Microcontroller

This Genius Devil came up with a PC based oscilloscope project, although this is not the newest of this kind but a good project to start with oscilloscope study and even to make your own oscilloscope . This is a full-featured dual-channel oscilloscope based on the Picaxe 28X1 (or optionally the 28X2). Here is the link to his website which […]