Making your own component library in Altium designer software

Hi friends this is the article which will help you making your own component library with Altium designer Software. This is our new type of tutorial series. We have started video tutorials about new softwares and different IDEs to make you familiar with them in very quick time.We will be providing all the HD videos […]

PCB visiting card

Hi friends have you ever wanted to designing your own visiting card? If yes here is a very good (a bit costly) idea for making your own visiting card.This Genius Devil (ch00f) came up with a unique idea.  This visiting card proves that you are an electronics engineer by design itself. It is a PCB […]

Get 8051 Development board Proteus Simulator

>> Many microcontroller beginners uses 8051 microcontroller as their first step in embedded designs. For learning purpose development board is the best option. >> So I prefer to purchase one best development board. But it requires some knowledge for selecting best development board for your practice. >> Some list of components must for development for […]

Build 3D models from Eagle files in Google Sketchup

>> This post is fully dedicated to all PCB designers. You are wondering if you may view PCB with components placed on it in 3D view, at the time of designing stage. Now a days many software started to supporting this feature but it is not that much perfect. >> Now it is possible using […]