Mine Detector Robot using PIC Microcontroller

>> These four genius students SREEHARI M S, SREEYESH P B, SUJITH P and VISAKH VIJAYAN from COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THIRUVANANTHAPURAM have made prototype of Mine Detector Robot using PIC 16F877A Microcontroller. >> A project summary in their own words “The threat of buried unexploded mines & bombs continues to be a danger for communities today. Many regions of […]

What is a Digital Potentiometer? And how to use it?

Hello friends this post is about Digital Potentiometers that are used in digital signal processing and setting the gain digitally.“A stereo audio amplifier using two LM386 ICs with digital volume control for both left and right speakers.” So, how would you control the volume digitally?  You are right, by replacing the traditional electro-mechanical form of potentiometers with […]

Isolated Grid ZCD Sensing applicable to any Microcontroller

Hello friends there are many ways of sensing grid ZCD here is one which can be used with mostly all microcontrollers. This is optically isolated method for ZCD Sensing. (Here is a non isolated method of ZCD sensing) You can reduce power draw from the isolated circuit by decreasing the optocoupler’s LED current with a corresponding […]

Boost DC-DC converter with Picaxe microcontroller

Here is a Boost circuit made with Picaxe microcontroller that converts 24V from 12V. This is a project based on PWM 100khz signal I got from port2 of a picaxe 8M2 this signal accumulates through a 10kohm resistance the gate of a mosfet irf640, the boost circuit elevates the voltage from 12 to 24VDC Here is a […]

Any screen can be converted to touchscreen

Hello Friends this post is simply awesome in its own way. It is a home made virtual touch screen.You can convert any of your computer screen into touch screen with the help of this cool project.This is made by a Genius Devil(SantoshR). He has come up with a unique idea of tracking user’s finger with […]

Automatic Railway Crossing and Signal Control

Here is a very cool student project about controlling Railway crossing and Signal control with the help of a Picaxe microcontroller. This project is done by Genius Devil ( Stuart moore ). He has made a simple design with the help of IR signal transceiver to detect the position of train on crossing the brain […]

Simple Pick and Place Robot with Picaxe microcontroller

Here is one of the most simple pic and place robot made with a Picaxe microcontroller. This pic and place robot project is made by Genius mind(mikey). He has come up with a very unique design of gripper and used distance sensors to grip the object when it is in the perfect position. This is […]