A complete guide for LED Blinking

What is LED? A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs have allowed new text, video displays, and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are also useful in advanced communications technology. What is LED Blinking? LED blinking is same as eye blinking. Close and open eyes is called an eye […]

Making Ironman Helmet

Ironman Helmet motorized with Picaxe microcontroller Hello Friends, we are again back with a Being a Super Hero Project. This one is designed by a Genius (jamesbruton) he has made this awesome Ironman helmet that is motorized and just opens like the movie. He has used two servos to open face plate and he is […]

Morse Code Alphabet Decoder or Translation Algorithm using Picaxe

>> There are many Morse Code decoder or translator projects are available on internet for PIC microcontroller. But All this projects requires external tone detector circuitry.  >> Which makes project dependent on circuitry other then PIC microcontroller. But here a genius mind raybrune made “Morse Code Alphabet Decoder or Translation Algorithm using Picaxe” project without using […]

Interfacing WII nunchuck (Wiichuck) with Picaxe microcontroller

Hello friends here is a cool post about interfacing an old Wiichuck device with Picaxe microcontroller. This is done by Genius devil (Cactus).This is a really nice project to that includes Wiichuck interfacing (you can read accelerometer data from nunchuck), then he decided to make a stereo control with this Wiichuchk.Have a look at video in […]

Isolated Grid ZCD Sensing applicable to any Microcontroller

Hello friends there are many ways of sensing grid ZCD here is one which can be used with mostly all microcontrollers. This is optically isolated method for ZCD Sensing. (Here is a non isolated method of ZCD sensing) You can reduce power draw from the isolated circuit by decreasing the optocoupler’s LED current with a corresponding […]

Battery Level monitor with Picaxe Microcontroller

Hello friends here is a cool and handy project that will help you monitor  your battery at run time so that you can either warn user to change battery or to go in power saver mode.This is made with Picaxe microcontroller. This cool project was developed by Genius Devil(PRL Software). This project can be really  a […]

Voice Operated Picaxe Control over Internet

>> Here this project is a demo to operate any electronic device by voice. Using picaxe microcontroller they are controlling verious devices. >> For voice recognition process they are using inbuilt voice recognition feature of google chrome web browser. PC is connected with Picaxe controller board via UART. After finishing voice recognition process PC will […]