Boost DC-DC converter with Picaxe microcontroller

Here is a Boost circuit made with Picaxe microcontroller that converts 24V from 12V. This is a project based on PWM 100khz signal I got from port2 of a picaxe 8M2 this signal accumulates through a 10kohm resistance the gate of a mosfet irf640, the boost circuit elevates the voltage from 12 to 24VDC Here is a […]

Any screen can be converted to touchscreen

Hello Friends this post is simply awesome in its own way. It is a home made virtual touch screen.You can convert any of your computer screen into touch screen with the help of this cool project.This is made by a Genius Devil(SantoshR). He has come up with a unique idea of tracking user’s finger with […]

Autonomous Roving Robot

A good autonomous robot made by Genius Devil (jinx). He has came up with an autonomous robot that looks like a Duck and mainly because of tilt and pan into his robot. That tilt gives this robot a “nature touch”.He has used ultrasonic sound sensor for distance measurement and a Picaxe microcontroller is used as the brain of this.Full […]

Simple Pick and Place Robot with Picaxe microcontroller

Here is one of the most simple pic and place robot made with a Picaxe microcontroller. This pic and place robot project is made by Genius mind(mikey). He has come up with a very unique design of gripper and used distance sensors to grip the object when it is in the perfect position. This is […]

Line Following Ironbot using Picaxe microcontroller

>> Hello readers, today I found an amazing robot using dead Iron. A genius guy named isotop made this Ironbot line following robot.       >> He just used a dead iron as base, a Picaxe microcontroller, geared motors, QRD114 as reflectance sensor. This line following robot is perfectly suitable for smooth indoor surface. To get more […]

Logic IC Tester using Picaxe

>> This project is about to basic introduction of IC testing using PICAXE microcontroller. This device can perform IC testing operation of different logic gates IC. At the moment, the program is restricted to testing the basic NAND, NOR, AND, OR, XOR, etc gates in 2, 3,4 and 8 input formats. You can use 16×2 LCD […]

Automatic turn off Signal Indicator of Vehicle

>> Many times while driving vehicle people forgot to turn off indicator of vehicle. So other vehicles can interpret it in a wrong manner and there is high probability of excident.  >> As the solution of this problem some genius people made Motorcycle turn signal cancellation unit which generates beep-beep sound from buzzer to give notification of […]