Big analog Thermometer with Picaxe

Want to make your own big analog thermometer? All you need is servomotor , ds1620 , picaxe 08m and relay. This analog thermometer is battery operated with 1/2 years autonomy.This is really one better way to show your temperature than seven segment display.Here is a video in action. Here is the link to original post which contains […]

Robotic Boat with Picaxe microcontroller

Here is a cool post about semi autonomous robot boat by Genius Devil(josefvs).He has made a unmanned surface vehicle.The semi autonomous boat has a video streaming facility and can be controlled with a range of 5km radius.The boat is made with Picaxe Microcontroller (which is a variant of  PIC microcontroller) Here is the video in action. Here is link to his […]

Automatic Drifting Robot With Picaxe microcntroller

Here is a cool Drifting Robot made from Genius Devil (Fritsl).Once he thought to make his old car into a cool drifting robot that can avoid collision so he has used an ultrasonic distance measurement sensor at the top of his Drifting Robot. He has used a Picaxe microcontroller to read the sensor and control the drifting of car […]

Oscilloscope with Picaxe Microcontroller

This Genius Devil came up with a PC based oscilloscope project, although this is not the newest of this kind but a good project to start with oscilloscope study and even to make your own oscilloscope . This is a full-featured dual-channel oscilloscope based on the Picaxe 28X1 (or optionally the 28X2). Here is the link to his website which […]


This Genius Devil (warlockr) has been working with a wireless robot that can capture images and transfer it but he needed to drive an emergency bulb and camera mounted on the robot. He did not have any option to create a 12VDC to 120VAC , 60Hz inverter. He has not given much of description of […]

picaxe microcontroller based luna desktop bot

Luna desktop bot using picaxe microcontroller Genius guy jinx, made this desktop bot to help me better understand some of the feature of the picaxe and picaxe basic. Luna is a servo (factory mod) differential drive system with a castor ball at the back with 2 mircoservos to control the hood and pan the servos. […]