Three phase Sinusoidal Pulse Width modulation (SPWM) in PSIM

three phase sine pwm inverter simulation

Here is the sample psim design for Three phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation, this design is very simple and easy to understand by the figure itself here  three sinusoidal waveforms are modulated by a  triangular carrier  wave. Here there is no take care for dead band of  PWM as all IGBTs are assumed as ideal […]

Speaker interfacing with 555 Proteus simulation

Hello Friends we are back with another proteus simulation. This is buzzer interfacing with 555 timer proteus simulation. Here a simple Astable multivibrator circuit is made with 555 timer IC and the output is given to the speaker. the frequency of sound is generated from the help of capacitor C2 and pot RV1 we can […]

RMS voltage measurement with PSIM software

Hello friends, here is a very neat and nice simulation about RMS voltage measurement with PSIM simulation software. The method described here is the simplest method to calculate RMS value of any signal. Firstly the Zero order hold block is used to take the input from the source. Then the source is multiplied by itself […]