CANADARM – End to end mobile robotic arm

The Development of Legend… Canada’s most famous robotic and technological achievement made its space debut on November 13, 1981. The design and building of the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System marks the beginning of Canada’s close collaboration with NASA in manned space flight. The Canadarm project remains a sterling example of successful international space cooperation. Canadarm […]

What is an Industrial ROBOT?

What is ROBOT? A robot is a programmable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or special devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks (a robot need not look like a human). Advantages of an Industrial Robot: Safety Reliability Consistency Accuracy Worker Redeployment Cost reduction Types of Industrial Robots: Pick […]

Some Real life Power Suit like Ironman

Hello friends i think that no one is unfamiliar with Ironman movie and the fantastic suites that Tony Stark uses. But here are several real life suites that are ready for now. Off course you can’t use them to just fly in the air around and making fun with arms and ammunition, but these are suites designed to make your […]

Robotic Rat

Animal testing has always been a subject of much debate. On one hand, it allows us to determine if something is probably safe for humans. On the other hand, it’s injuring and killing the very animals that help us escape that same fate. Any way you look at it, be thankful you’re not a lab […]


What  is a micromouse? A Micromouse is a maze solving autonomous robot which completes the maze within minimum time possible.A micromouse has to cross the maze in minimum time therefore to achieve that it should run very fast. A micromouse is made up of several parts listed below. Body i.e a micromouse’s mechanical structure Battery […]

Mine Detector Robot using PIC Microcontroller

>> These four genius students SREEHARI M S, SREEYESH P B, SUJITH P and VISAKH VIJAYAN from COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THIRUVANANTHAPURAM have made prototype of Mine Detector Robot using PIC 16F877A Microcontroller. >> A project summary in their own words “The threat of buried unexploded mines & bombs continues to be a danger for communities today. Many regions of […]

Build Mini Quadcopter Frame Design and Controller

>> These genius group Joao Diogo Lisboa de Menezes Falcao, erry Young Hwa Kim and Thu-Thao Nguyen of cornell university have made Build Mini Quadcopter Frame Design and Controller as their final year electronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “Many embedded systems use sensors that combine an accelerometer and a gyroscope. Quadcopter is […]