Data logger made from dsPic (Proteus simulation)

Hello friends here is a really nice project about data logger which is made from dsPIC microcontroller. A data-logger can be used in many ways to collect data of environment, wild animals or any processing area. Here a dsPIC33FJ12GP201 is used for data acquisition purpose.  Data is being collected from a humidity sensor (SH15) this […]

What is Reed Switch?

What is Reed Switch? How does a Reed Switch work? Reed switches are very similar to relays, except a permanent magnet is used instead of a wire coil. When the magnet is far away the switch is open, but when the magnet is brought near the switch is closed. These are very inexpensive. With this device the […]

Inductive Proximity Sensors

An inductive proximity sensor

What is inductive proximity sensor? Inductive proximity sensor is the sensor which detects metal object without physical contact with metal. (opposite to Limit Switch) The sensor incorporates an electromagnetic coil which is used to detect the presence of a conductive metal object. The sensor will ignore the presence of an object if it is not metal. Block […]


Hello friends This post is about Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) made by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). As you filter out a PWM pulse you get DC output voltage and thus this process of filtering PWM pulses can be used as DAC (Digital to analog conversion). As you can see in this figure Filtered PWM […]

LM35 temperature sensor interfacing with arduino

Hello friends this is another arduino project. LM35 is a very common temperature sensor among all the hobbyists and students for their project work, and it is really easy to use it also you only need to read adc to get the temperature data.If you are using arduino ide you just have to write “analogRead […]

Making your own Thermal Imaging form Smart phone

Buying a thermal imaging from market may cost you about 1500$ so this genius devil (Andy Rawson) has come with a unique solution for that problem. He has made his own thermal imaging camera at about 195$. He calls it the IR-Blue. The IR-Blue lets you see the temperature of things around you. It uses a […]

What is a Digital Potentiometer? And how to use it?

Hello friends this post is about Digital Potentiometers that are used in digital signal processing and setting the gain digitally.“A stereo audio amplifier using two LM386 ICs with digital volume control for both left and right speakers.” So, how would you control the volume digitally?  You are right, by replacing the traditional electro-mechanical form of potentiometers with […]