Green Stations Project Prototype

>> Two genius students Jacob Scott Bucci and Riemann Jiongjia Fang from cornell university have made Green Stations Project Prototype as their final year electronics project. >> A project summary in their own words “Project Green Stations is all about changing the way people see the environment. Imagine the go-green movement as a brand. Solar panels, Toyota […]

Solar Panel Tracking System DIY

>> These two genius students Jason Wright and Jeremy Blum of cornell university have made “Solar Panel Tracking System DIY” in their final year electronics project. >> A short project description in their own words “We designed and built a system to automatically orient a solar panel for maximum efficiency, record data, and safely charge batteries. […]

Solar Powered RC Electric Lawn Mower

Here is a great project about Solar Powered Lawn Mower by Genius Devil(Robert Smith).He used two electric wheel-chair motors, a couple of swivel wheels, a Sabertooth 2×25 dual-motor driver, a 5-channel transmitter/receiver, charge controller, two 12v 20 watt solar panels, a power inverter, and quite a few other goodies. Here is a complete video tutorial […]

Solar Powered Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Meter

>> This genius Indian guy Parin Dedhi from cornell university made Solar Powered Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Meter as final year electronics project. >> A brief description in his own word “Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive medical diagnostic device used to detect the oxygen saturation of the blood. Heart rate meter detects the number of beats […]

Solar power LED lights

Here is a sleek and sexy design made from solar cells to do infinite blinking. This Genius Devil(Kevin) made a simple transistor based LED blinking circuit that uses solar cell as battery. He charges the 0.1F capacitors during day time that are capable to keep the circuit on for next 20 Dark hours. So his […]