Wi-Fi Audio Streaming system using ATMega 256A3U

>> These two genius students Mark Hendrick and Doug Miller of cornell university have made Wi-Fi Audio Streaming system using ATMega 256A3U as their final year electronics project. >> A small project details in their own words “For our final project we developed a wireless receiver capable of receiving and playing audio transmitted over an 802.11 Wi-Fi […]

3D Musical Animation from Intel

>> Years ago Animusic created 3D animated video called “Pipe Dream”. Intel decided to creat same real demo in 90 days. >> They used 36 ball hoppers, 2300 balls and with the help of that they created 120 unique notes. See this amazing video of 3D musical animation and feel the power of intel. Intel […]

Music generation using Relay Switching Sound

>> Hello readers, have you ever thought about music generation using relay switching sound ? Watch above video about it. They made 8 relay board connected with arduino microcontroller. By giving pulses to relay tic-toc music is produces. Watch above video and try to make yourself. Related posts: Music Sound Generation

Apple Piano

>> This is a very simple and trendy project. A genuis guy Jason made a piano using apples. He used homely available components to make this piano. With a simple base made with two pieces of wood, some dollar store forks, a few nuts, bolts, and bits of wire, they had the Makey Makey Apple Piano. […]

FM Transmitter Made with only FPGA and one Wire

Here is a cool FPGA Project which is made by this Genius Devil (Hamster) within one hour truly a Genius Devil. Main attraction of this work is that he has not used any other component than an FPGA to make FM transmitter. He uses a digital clock manager block inside FPGA to generate frequency of 320MHz […]

NTSC and PAL video generation using FPGA

Here is a cool video generation project made by (BenL) It is a cool project to generate NTSC and PAL Video signals using FPGA and only seven resistors. He uses simple R-2R ladder 7 bit DAC for the video generation (above figure) and made a pretty small circuit for interfacing.(below figure). you can see a video of their […]

Phased Array Speaker System

>> These two genius guys Edward Szoka & Tom Jackson made Phased Array Speaker System as their final year project. >> A small project details in their own words “For our final project, we designed and built an array of 12 independently-controllable speakers to implement an acoustic phased-array system. The system samples a standard audio input signal […]