Making Eyes for Ironman helmet

Hello friends it is[xrobots again] producing more detail about ironman suites that he is working on… We have already seen his Arc reactor and Helmet earlier. here he is once again with adding some extra details to his ironman suite. He has decided to make the Eyes glow like actual movie. He has used LEDs […]

Some Real life Power Suit like Ironman

Hello friends i think that no one is unfamiliar with Ironman movie and the fantastic suites that Tony Stark uses. But here are several real life suites that are ready for now. Off course you can’t use them to just fly in the air around and making fun with arms and ammunition, but these are suites designed to make your […]

Making Ironman Helmet

Ironman Helmet motorized with Picaxe microcontroller Hello Friends, we are again back with a Being a Super Hero Project. This one is designed by a Genius (jamesbruton) he has made this awesome Ironman helmet that is motorized and just opens like the movie. He has used two servos to open face plate and he is […]

Making Iron man like interface on your computer

Hello friends here is another post in our Super Hero section. I hope you have seen Iron man movie ,  and you are fascinated about how cool the “Javris” computer is. If I tell you , it is really easy to make such interface for your own isn’t it great. Here is a project done […]

Displaying 3D image and controlling it with hand gesture

Hello Friends this is really a superb and jaw dropping video which I saw out side of a Sci-fi movie. This is a 3D display made on a prismatic surface. The display is controlled with the help of human gestures and responds to movement very well. He uses Pepper’s ghost technique to display the object. In […]

Making Your Own Cyclops Goggles

Hello Friends welcome to another Super Hero DIY Project. This Genius Devil (Peter  Sorensen) made this project from old goggles and LED strip. It is really cool to make your own super hero stuff or to find some thing ordinary and convert them into something like super hero. Peter made this project with the help of […]

NASA making Ironman’s Suit for Physically Challenged Person

Hello Friends Ironman suite is coming to real world, but not for the war purpose. This time NASA takes the challenge of making Exoskeleton suite to help physically challenged person. This Exoskeleton suite is called  X1. Use of X1 is very versatile from helping the astronauts in space to helping the paralyzed person on the earth gain his walking and confidence […]