A Helmet Television

Have you ever thought of watching every detail in front of your eyes every time? and you can find every detail whenever you want? No i am not talking about Google Glasses, I am talking about a helmet mounted television of 1967. We think that this is the first step of virtual reality which is being developed recently. The TV Helmet […]

Any screen can be converted to touchscreen

Hello Friends this post is simply awesome in its own way. It is a home made virtual touch screen.You can convert any of your computer screen into touch screen with the help of this cool project.This is made by a Genius Devil(SantoshR). He has come up with a unique idea of tracking user’s finger with […]

Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game

>> This genius guy Chris Zaharia has made Virtual Reality using Microsoft Kinect for Skyrim Game. In this project he developed system to play PC games in virtual real environment. >> A brief description about this project in his words “I’m going to show you how you can start playing PC games, in this case Skyrim, through […]

Three Axis Digital output Accelerometer

Here is a great in depth testing of Three Axis Digital Output Accelerometer(MMA7455L) by Genius Devil (Boris Landoni). There are two types of accelerometer in terms of output type, i.e. Analog output and Digital output. This is the second one among this and this is available to transfer data either on SPI bus and I2C […]

FIFA Controller using Microsoft Kinect

>> These four genius minds Manish Sharma, Anirudh Kumar, Preetish Jaiswal, Pratik Likhar from IIT Kanpur made FIFA Controller using Microsoft Kinect as their electronics project.  >> A project summary in their own words “The aim of the project was to create a controller for playing FIFA with our body actions using Microsoft Kinect. Controlling computers by […]

USB Slingshot for Angry Bird Game

>> These four genius students Rohit Agrawal, Chandramauli Singh, Ravi Jaiswal, Divya Prakash of IIT Kanpur made USB Slingshot for Angry Bird Game as their electronics project. >> A brief description of  project in their own words “USB Slingshot is a real slingshot equipped with some circuits and wires used to play the worldwide famous game Angry […]

Virtual Reality using X-Box 360

>> These three genius guys Ishaan Dube , Atri Bhattacharya , Narendra Roy from IIT Kanpur (India) made Virtual Reality using X-Box 360 project. >> They made virtual objects in space. As shown in above image. All these things made using X-Box 360 and a software made using visual C#. They also used opencv in software development. […]