Making your own component library in Altium designer software

Hi friends this is the article which will help you making your own component library with Altium designer Software. This is our new type of tutorial series. We have started video tutorials about new softwares and different IDEs to make you familiar with them in very quick time.We will be providing all the HD videos […]

Altium tutorial (schematic designing and layout)

This is a video tutorial on “How you can design your first schematic in Altium and start routing in Altium?”. We have provided all the steps in easy way to design your own first PCB layout in professional manner. Hello friends, this is our new type of tutorial series. We have started video tutorials about […]

Data logger made from dsPic (Proteus simulation)

Hello friends here is a really nice project about data logger which is made from dsPIC microcontroller. A data-logger can be used in many ways to collect data of environment, wild animals or any processing area. Here a dsPIC33FJ12GP201 is used for data acquisition purpose.  Data is being collected from a humidity sensor (SH15) this […]

A home made phone with Arduino

Hello dear all, there has been a gsm modem since many years and there has been a microcontroller present since many years, you may be owning both of them. But, have you ever wondered to make your own cell phone with both the things? If NO, you should be thinking to make some one as […]

We are accepting articles and we are paying for them too!!

Hi guys, As you are reading this article we share the same hobby of electronics. Isn’t it nice if you could make some money from your this hobby…? Yes you can earn money with us. We are a group of  Two Electronics engineer and we started Genius Devils to make it the biggest collection of […]

50000 Pageviews

There has been a  nice run in our website since last some days even if we are not posting anything due to the damn busy schedule.Meanwhile we have crossed  50000 visitors mark and we are looking forward to increase that. Actually we have already achieved this mark with Blogger platform but then we migrated to […]

Three phase Sinusoidal Pulse Width modulation (SPWM) in PSIM

three phase sine pwm inverter simulation

Here is the sample psim design for Three phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation, this design is very simple and easy to understand by the figure itself here  three sinusoidal waveforms are modulated by a  triangular carrier  wave. Here there is no take care for dead band of  PWM as all IGBTs are assumed as ideal […]