Proteus sample ADC designs for 8051

Here is the sample proteus design for ADC AD1674 with 8051 microcontroller.This design demonstrates the use of an 80C51 to control an AD1674 ADC.When the simulation is running adjust the variable resistor and observe its digital value on the virtual terminal. The graph shows the control signals and can be re-calculated after the simulation has been stopped. […]

A unique way to reverse bits in C

Hello friends, today we came across a very unique method to reverse bits in C. We needed reversing bits of any byte or integer. As an example 10011011 should be reversed to 11011001.   We came across this unique answer This was done by Sth on stack overflow. How this works? First the higher nibble […]

Easiest way to draw three phase sine waves!

Hello friends, Have you ever tried to draw three phase sine wave and stuck in between? Here is the simple way to draw three phase sine wave easily, this can be useful for students in exams and professionals in presentations. I am too bad at drawing so i found out this way, i hope that […]

CANADARM – End to end mobile robotic arm

The Development of Legend… Canada’s most famous robotic and technological achievement made its space debut on November 13, 1981. The design and building of the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System marks the beginning of Canada’s close collaboration with NASA in manned space flight. The Canadarm project remains a sterling example of successful international space cooperation. Canadarm […]

TMS320TCI6636: A chip specially designed to meet 3G and 4G communication needs

Hello friends, In this article we are going to introduce you to a new member in TI DSP series “TMS320TCI6636” this is a giant processor in terms of processing capabilities.This processor is specially designed to meet needs of 3G and 4G communications. Rather than saying it a processor we should call it a System on […]

H Bridge Driver IC

This H bridge driver ic will solve most of your problems in dealing with a full H-bridge control of motor. Generally what we do when we want to control a motor in bidirectional? An H-bridge is one of the simplest method available as shown in below figure.   You have to give four pulses by microcontroller device […]

Using “If else” condition in Assembly language

FAQ about “IF…ELSE” condition in assembly language. Question: Can we use “if….else” condition in assembly language? Ans: Yes!!!! Question: How to use “IF….ELSE” in assembly language? Ans: you can access “IF….ELSE” same as any other higher level language. Question: What is the syntax of “IF….ELSE” statement in assembly language? Ans: This depends mostly in assembler to […]