Thermistor Respiratory monitor using AtMega1284p Microcontroller

>> These two genius fellows Maneesh Gupta, Hana Qudsi has made “Thermistor Respiratory monitor using AtMega1284p Microcontroller” in their final year project at cornell university. >> A brief description in their words “This project is a respiratory monitor that was designed for low-resource environments. The device calculates a patient’s breathing rate by detecting changes in temperature when […]

Voice controlled Video Game using AT Mega1284 microcontroller

>> This genius mind (Tian Gao) made a Voice controlled Video Game using AT Mega1284 microcontroller. Actually it is a Jet Fighter flying game in it player have to control Jet Fighter using voice commands. >> Brief description in his words “I built a video game controlled by people’s voice. The game is about jet fighters. […]

Taiko Trainer -The Japanese drum trainer

>> These four genius peoples (Adam Jelfo, Gabriel Soares, Lucas Nissenbaum, Adam Harris) made a teaching and feedback device for drumming students as their final year project. >> A brief description in their words “We designed and built a drum trainer that can be attached to most Japanese drum surface and will detect and wirelessly transmit […]

Home made Marx Generator

Here is a home made Marx generator made by Genius Devil (Penguin). He made a Marx generator is a device used to simulate effect of lightning on any devices. so (Penguin) decided to give it a try. He firstly made a 10 stage capacitor bank and later he made 20 stage capacitor bank and was […]

Tic Tac Toe with CMOS Camera . . .

>> These two genius minds Paul Cheng & Fei Sun made a very popular Tic Tac Toe using CMOS Camera. You can easily see image from cmos camera during game-play. >> Brief description of this project in their words “The idea is simple, have a camera driven Mega644 system that detects for changes on a Tic […]

Solar power LED lights

Here is a sleek and sexy design made from solar cells to do infinite blinking. This Genius Devil(Kevin) made a simple transistor based LED blinking circuit that uses solar cell as battery. He charges the 0.1F capacitors during day time that are capable to keep the circuit on for next 20 Dark hours. So his […]

Talking alarm clock . . .

>>These three genius guys Chen Kiang Tang, Wanjing Loh , & Wuhan Desmond Cai made talking alarm clock which can be programmed from the computer to speak custom messages and also detect whether the user is on his bed or leaving his room.  >>Brief details in their words “Sensors are pervasive in industrial, aerospace, and medical […]