Using “If else” condition in Assembly language

FAQ about “IF…ELSE” condition in assembly language. Question: Can we use “if….else” condition in assembly language? Ans: Yes!!!! Question: How to use “IF….ELSE” in assembly language? Ans: you can access “IF….ELSE” same as any other higher level language. Question: What is the syntax of “IF….ELSE” statement in assembly language? Ans: This depends mostly in assembler to […]

DSP simulation with Proteus Simulation Software

Hello guys this is the answer to many friends who are searching for The best DSP (Digital Signal Processor) simulation and debugging software. Which simulation software is used for debugging my code in DSP and interfacing it with various peripherals? Proteus 8 is the ultimate answer. Proteus 8 has a VSM module for Piccolo, that is useful […]

What is an Industrial ROBOT?

What is ROBOT? A robot is a programmable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or special devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks (a robot need not look like a human). Advantages of an Industrial Robot: Safety Reliability Consistency Accuracy Worker Redeployment Cost reduction Types of Industrial Robots: Pick […]

Online power management system with Atmega168

Hello friends , this article is about Online Power Management System Project made by (Karl Lunt) with the help of Atmega 168 microcontroller. He has made this Online power management system to control his gaming server online, he can start his gaming server from anywhere with the help of internet. He has used an ENC28J60 […]

LCD in 4 bit mode with PIC16F877

Hello friends this post is one of the proteus tutorial series, here we are going to interface LCD in 4 bit mode with pic microcontroller. If you are confused between 8 bit mode and 4 bit mode of LCD have a look at pros and cons below. Advantages of LCD in 4 bit mode: Using […]

Why your SCR (Thyristor) is not latching?

One of our readers has asked us about thyristor (scr) not being latched properly. Here is the circuit configuration of thyristor under experiment. This test circuit is simulated in Proteus 8. Thyristor (SCR) is given a continuous gate pulse, so when a positive cycle comes the thyristor (SCR) should be triggered and the output voltage should be same […]

Counter timer VSM module in Proteus used to measure frequency of 555 timer IC

Hello friends, this is another Proteus simulation project. This is about the VSM Counter Timer module available in Proteus simulation  Software. You can see in the schematic below that a 555 timer IC is used in Astable Multivibrator mode to generate square wave of different frequencies, value of frequency can be changed by changing the value […]