Zigbee based online energy meter . . .

>>These two genius minds Ken Bongort  & Adam McCann gives a new application of zigbee. In this project they are using zigbee to send electricity usage data to online server. >>In their words “Our project aim was to create a breaker-level power metering device that would sit next to the home’s main distribution panel (or subpanel) and […]

LED follower car

Imagine a world where lane markers of LED lights will be used for guiding the automated car. A green LED array on a traffic signal says to go and red LED light says the car to stop. This was the dream of  these genius devils(James and Gloria) and after watching Tron legacy movie they also […]

Haptics glove

Here’s a cool final year projectfrom (Corey Siegel and Ti Zhao) about haptics glove. When activated, it provides real feedback about the tactile sensation of holding a virtual object. Feedback includes temperature, weight, the size (diameter) of the object, and visual feedback will be provided using a Matlab interface.They also tried to implement the Gravity, […]

Electric Dhol

This happens when two Indian genius devils(Ajay and Eashwar) meet up in a college to do a classic final year project.They decided to make the electric version of dhol, an acoustic Indian instrument called dhol just like the electric guitar. That is suitable for direct output to speakers and storing functionality in also. They made […]

Infra red Communication protocol for indoor flying toy

Here is another post about decoding ir signals from remote control the genius devil(spencer)reverse engineered and derived all the codes for the Propel ExicueHeli with the help of oscilloscope.he explained various methods about coding like Manchester coding, Pulse distance coding, Pulse length coding.

Brute force electronic safe to recover lost password

wow what a cool project this is!!This genius devil(Teatree) found an interesting way to do brute force attack on the electronic lock.He lost one of his passwords and rather than calling customer care for help he build his own brute forcing mechanism with the help of Arduino and relay boards. He used the relays to […]

Use single RFID tag as many using AVR

Here is a excellent post form (Hudson) he has tried to generate multiple RFID tags data in dame pin with one self made RFID tag. He has generated energy from transmitter’s magnetic field with the help of a coil internal diodes rectify the received signals and work on that power.