How to download program to 8051 microcontroller?

Hello friends here is the answer of “How to download program to 8051 microcontroller?” This tutorial will use Flash Magic tool to download your .hex file to your microcontroller. This is our new type of tutorial series. We have started video tutorials about new softwares and different IDEs to make you familiar with them in very quick […]

Data logger made from dsPic (Proteus simulation)

Hello friends here is a really nice project about data logger which is made from dsPIC microcontroller. A data-logger can be used in many ways to collect data of environment, wild animals or any processing area. Here a dsPIC33FJ12GP201 is used for data acquisition purpose.  Data is being collected from a humidity sensor (SH15) this […]

A home made phone with Arduino

Hello dear all, there has been a gsm modem since many years and there has been a microcontroller present since many years, you may be owning both of them. But, have you ever wondered to make your own cell phone with both the things? If NO, you should be thinking to make some one as […]

Using “If else” condition in Assembly language

FAQ about “IF…ELSE” condition in assembly language. Question: Can we use “if….else” condition in assembly language? Ans: Yes!!!! Question: How to use “IF….ELSE” in assembly language? Ans: you can access “IF….ELSE” same as any other higher level language. Question: What is the syntax of “IF….ELSE” statement in assembly language? Ans: This depends mostly in assembler to […]

Online power management system with Atmega168

Hello friends , this article is about Online Power Management System Project made by (Karl Lunt) with the help of Atmega 168 microcontroller. He has made this Online power management system to control his gaming server online, he can start his gaming server from anywhere with the help of internet. He has used an ENC28J60 […]

Speed control of DC motor by PWM in Proteus simulation

Hello friends here is a proteus simulation of speed control of DC motor with the help of Pulse width modulation (PWM) control, PWM signals are generated by 8051 microcontroller.   As we have discussed earlier that proteus is a really good simulation software for beginners and 8051 is the most basic among all microcontroller so […]

Alarm Clock with 8051 microcontroller (Proteus Simulation)

Alarm clock made with 8051 microcontroller Hello friends many of our readers have asked to post about Alarm Clock programming  so here is the post from this Genius Devil(Vishal), he has simulated this in Proteus simulation tool. He has done this programming in C language of this Alarm clock.He has not used RTC for time […]