Making Ironman Helmet

Ironman Helmet motorized with Picaxe microcontroller Hello Friends, we are again back with a Being a Super Hero Project. This one is designed by a Genius (jamesbruton) he has made this awesome Ironman helmet that is motorized and just opens like the movie. He has used two servos to open face plate and he is […]

Get Free Microcontroller and other samples from Atmel

Hello Friends Atmel is one of the market leaders in Microcontrollers and memories. Their AVR microcontroller series is quiet popular in in hobbyists and students. Atmel is providiing free samples of their ICs for the enthusiasts you can also get some for free. To order your sample IC please visit their sample request page here. […]

Proteus SPP

>> Many microcontroller beginners uses 8051 microcontroller as their first step in embedded designs. For learning purpose development board is the best option. You can also implement proteus SPP (serial peripheral protocol)on this development board. >> So I prefer to purchase one best development board. But it requires some knowledge for selecting best development board […]

LED blinking with 8051:C Program and Proteus design files

>> Here I am starting new series of proteus simulations with programing with this post. LED blinking with 8051 microcontroller >>LED blinking is one of the most basic technique used for peripheral interfacing. >>All you have to do is on and off your input output pin at regular interval (not so fast that you can’t […]

AC RMS voltage measurement with AVR microcontroller

Hello friend many times the readers are asking for an AC RMS voltage measurement system with AVR microcontroller or any other microcontroller.This task can be divided into two sub tasks. 1)Attenuating Line voltage to the level that can be applied to microcontroller pin. Here is the circuit used to measure AC line voltage (230V,50 Hz) […]